FTA Strategic Partners

FTA has continued to diversify its portfolio in recent years through direct investment in affiliated companies. In 2010, FTA entered into a long-term commercial agreement with Prüst Holding B.V., a warehouse and distribution facility at Eindhoven International Airport in The Netherlands. Prüst Holding has delivered aggregate components required to overhaul Mi-17 helicopters at IAC certified facilities in the Russian Federation. They have successfully procured and delivered Mi-17 and An-26 parts to the U.S., Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Eastern European countries including the Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, and the Czech Republic. Prüst Holding B.V. also successfully orchestrated the breakdown, upload, and transport of six Mi-17 aircraft from Kabul, Afghanistan to its warehouse facility located at Eindhoven International Airport .

FTA’s acquisition of Material Intelligence, LLC (MI), completed in 2012, expanded our footprint in the development of software-intensive security technologies.  MI is a U.S. company developing leading edge scanning solutions, including a revolutionary scanning technology that allows for non-intrusive, stand-off personnel threat detection for concealed objects under light to moderate clothing.