Prüst Holding B.V.

Established in 1974, Prüst Holding B.V. is a leading supplier of aviation parts and services specializing in austere, post-conflict regions. Leveraging more than 37 years of experience, Prüst provides supply chain management, logistics and procurement services to government, commercial, and dual-use customers.

Prüst offers a wide array of aviation services to include Mi-8/17 rotary wing & An-26/32 fixed wing main aggregates, dynamic components, avionics, aviation life support/ground support equipment, airframe procurement, component overhaul, specialty tooling, night vision optics and test kits, ballistic protection, as well as IAC certified aircraft assessments.

Prüst’ distribution facility is conveniently located at Eindhoven International Airport and is continuously stocked with numerous parts, aggregates, and components which are controlled by our interactive warehouse management system (WMS) that meets ISO9001 and AS9120 standards.

By integrating on-demand purchasing and real-time warehouse management, Prüst provides what aviation operators need to efficiently balance maintenance and aircraft operations.

Prüst Holding BV
Luchthavenweg 43
5657 EA Eindhoven (EIN Airport)
The Netherlands
t: +31 40 78 78 752

Prüst Holding B.V. Case Study
Transport of Mi-17s from Afghanistan